A N Other Perfume

Miami-based A. N. OTHER came into being when founder Ariella Applebaum discovered that less than 2% of the price of a traditional bottle of perfume goes into developing the fragrance. The bulk of the cost is spent on marketing and celebrity endorsements.

Deciding to invest money where it matters, in the quality of the ingredients, and the fragrance designers who develop the perfumes, she created A.N. Other. Its a bold brand. Everything is stripped back to the barest essentials. No glossy magazine adverts, no billboards.

The greatest perfume designers in the world are given total creative control, unlimited budgets, and a promise not to tamper with their work. The entire collection is gender-neutral.

Fragrances are free from parabens, phthalates, dyes, toxins, and preservatives. 100% vegan and cruelty-free. Ingredients are ethically sourced. Fragrances are created under the "Green Company" seal. Packaging is made from recycled cardboard and designed to eliminate the need for a secondary shipping box.

 Klippand textile factory

We are delighted to source our textiles from Klippan Yllefabrik, a Swedish company that has been making beautiful textiles since 1879. Their products are made from organic materials, cotton and wool, sourced primarily from New Zealand. However, they are now producing their own organic wool in southern Sweden also. Klippan weave their textiles in their own mills in Latvia. They have a new range made out of recycled wool.

Proving that Scandi is not just about white, their colours and patterns are funky and wild, harking back to Nordic folklore and images.

Uashmama is a family-owned firm in Tuscany, Italy. Father Marco worked for years in the leather industry, before developing his own special type of treated washable paper to use as an alternative to leather. Tree fibres from sustainably managed forests are conditioned using natural vegetable waxes, before being strengthened, cut, and sewn together by Italian craftsmen and women, to make beautifully designed Italian bags. All work is done in Tuscany, and any cotton or leather pieces used for linings or handles are obtained by recycling materials, in a sustainable manner. No chrome is used in the dyeing process.