Esther has a passion for good design, nature, herbs, and gardening, believing that everyday items can be beautiful, practical, and sustainable. We all like to be surrounded by beautiful items in our own homes, but not at the expense of our planet. We want to know how our products were produced, by whom, and where.

With that in mind, you'll find everything in our shop has been hand picked, with consideration given to the usefulness, beauty, and sustainability of the products we sell.

The aim is to showcase locally produced goods from our finest Irish makers and apothecaries, as well as ethically sourced items from other European countries, demonstrating that there is no need to compromise in shopping consciously. Your choices will have a positive impact both environmentally, and in the local economy. So come on in and have a snout.


Soaking up the sun!

the shop interior

 Organic blankets, felted baby mobiles, washed linen cushions

Tableware and glassware

The baby section

 Irish baby gifts, organic irish rompers, baby balm

one of our many lovely hairy airplants

One of our many hairy airplants, with the Square outside

 A.N Other perfume

Bags and sheepskins

 Luxurious irish sheepskin seatpads, bags from Italy

Everything you need for a beautiful table

The jewelley cabinet

 Jewellery from Ireland, Poland, Austria

Stationery and pens

 Notebooks from Cork and further afield

Throws and birdhouses

 Woollen throws and Irish crafts