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refreshing eye cream
Fennel eye cream
Sale price€10,00
bergamot and cedarwood body wash
Bergamot and cedar body wash
Sale price€8,00
Refill pouch for Bergamot and cedarwood bidy wash.
natural and soothing beard oil
Beard oil
Sale price€5,20
beard balm scented with cedarwood and lime
Beard balm
Sale price€10,00
dark blue midnight leather diary
leather wrapped notebook with lined pages.
Leather wrap journal - Midnight
Sale price€45,00
a large heavy vase made from wood offcuts
Angles wooden vase - Triangle
Sale price€35,00
A classic narrow vase made from offcuts of wood.
Offcut wooden vase - Classic
Sale price€35,00
A hand painted and glazed porcelain plate depicting wild flowers.
Porcelain plate - Meadow
Sale price€88,00
beautiful merino wool scarf
Merino scarf - Bella vista
Sale price€154,00
Stork club merino wool scarf from Electronic sheep
Merino scarf - Stork club
Sale price€154,00
Large blanket scarf of vibrant imagery and colours from Electronic Sheep
Merino blanket scarf
Sale price€224,00
Triangular merino wool scarf from Electronic Sheep
Biscuits made with dark chocolate and cardamon.
Crunchy biscuits made with lemon and polenta.
Lemon polenta biscuits
Sale price€6,75
chocolate covered apple slivers
Dark chocolate apple thins
Sale price€8,00
Fairtrade warm toned cotton ball lights.
all butter shortbread biscuits
All-butter shortbread biscuits
Sale price€6,75
milk chocolate covered apple slivers or thins
Milk chocolate apple thins
Sale price€8,00
pink and grey and cream cotton ball lights
green and pink cotton ball lights
stainless steel trowel with sawtooth edges.
Trowel with saw edges
Sale price€17,00
long pronged dandelion grubber
Dandelion grubber
Sale price€17,00

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